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In the world of agriculture, home gardening, and landscaping, Wastech Grow is your go-to source for irrigation and fertiliser products. Our mission is to supply first-rate products that aid our customers in achieving their goals of optimising crop yields, caring for lush lawns and gardens, and designing stunning outdoor spaces. To sum up, Malaysian and Hong Kong farmers can turn to Wastech Grow for precision agriculture solutions. With the mission of sustaining life via precision agriculture, Wastech has been on the market for over 39 years, offering unique, proprietary-formulated fertilisers and the design, delivery, and installation of irrigation systems.

By combining the strengths of our two divisions, we are able to deliver comprehensive solutions for our clients. We have a wide variety of irrigation and fertiliser solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers. A few examples of the irrigation components we stock are emitters, valves, and filters. We also stock a wide selection of fertilisers, including Controlled Release Fertilisers (CRF), as well as water-soluble and micronutrient blends, and nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) blends to ensure that your plants receive all the nutrients they need to thrive. We also provide specialised irrigation engineering and fertilisers for your unique needs.

Our experts will work with you to create a customised irrigation system that meets all of your needs, and we'll keep it running smoothly with routine upkeep. Similarly, we believe that a customised fertiliser formula is essential for optimising crop growth and yield, and we are committed to providing our clients with the most efficient formulations imaginable. We work closely with our clients to ascertain their specific needs and tailor our formulas to satisfy those requests. We are proud of the high standards we have set for ourselves in terms of product quality and customer service at our organisation. We primarily provide products from the most trusted names in the industry, so you can rest assured that anything you buy from us is of the finest quality.

When customers have queries about how to get the most out of our products, they can consult with our team of experts. Our commitment to excellence, satisfied customers, and local involvement is something we take great pride in. Growers of all stripes, from commercial growers to backyard green thumbs, may count on our support as they work towards their goals and develop their businesses.